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“Social Anxiety doesn’t exist, you’re just shy”

“Just suck it up and go ask an employee, you’re being a baby”

“It’s not that hard to call someone, just do it”

“Stop making up excuses, job interviews aren’t that bad”

“God, why did you freak out like that? it was just a few people”

“Have you tried just getting over it?”


(via newyearsdeath)

I'm McKenzie, nice to meet you. I'm a Juggalette, if you don't like it I could give a fuck less.
There's not a whole lot to say about myself, follow me. I find a lot of things to be appealing to my mind, just look at my blog.<3 I love body modification, it's a big part of who I am.
Let's be friends? c:
Any questions, just ask.

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